Tat’yana A. Zaytseva

Doctor of Art Criticism, Professor at Rimsky-Kor­sakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory and St. Pe­tersburg Theological Academy, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Mem­ber of the Union of St. Petersburg Com­po­sers. Re­search interests: history of Russian mu­sic, textology and source study, St. Petersburg performing school. The author of more than 200 works composing the series “Musical Pe­ters­burg: Past and Present.” Among them are mo­nographs: “M. A. Balakirev. Origins” (2000), “Crea­tive Lessons of M. A. Bala­kirev. Pianism, con­ducting, pedagogy” (2012), “Trea­sures of Rus­sia: The Sacred Music of M. A. Ba­la­kirev” (2013), “M. A. Balakirev. Way to the Future” (2017), “Vladimir Nielsen: Thoughts Aloud” (2016), prepared the world’s first Complete collection of spiritual works of Balakirev (2015). Edited and compiled 14 collections devoted to Balakirev, A. K. Lyadov, S. M. Slonimsky, N. I. Golubovskaya, V. V. Nielsen, etc.