Rauf Ya. Farhadov

Musicologist, Doctor of Art Criticism. Chairman of the Association of Contemporary Music. Art director, curator and moderator of the International festivals of contemporary music in Moscow and Baku. Author of books and articles on mo­dern academic, electronic and jazz music. Author and host of a number of projects at the Moscow Philharmonic Society. Member of the Admissions Committee and the Board of the Union of Moscow Composers. Born in 1957 in Baku. In 1975, he gra­duated from Baku Special Music School, in 1980—Hajibeyov Azerbaijan State Conservatory (with honours), in 1987—postgraduate studies at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory (class of Professor V. N. Kholopova). In the late 1980s, he taught modern music at Baku Conservatory, in the same years he was the head of the Department of Musical Theater and Choreography of the Azerbaijan Union of Theater Workers. In the early 1990s, he moved to Moscow. In the 2000s — columnist of the portal Kultura.az. He is regularly published in leading scientific and music magazines in Moscow.