Evgenia R. Skurko

Doctor of Art Criticism, Professor at the Music Theory Department, Zagir Ismagilov Ufa State Institute of Arts, member of the Union of Rus­sian Composers, Union of Composers of Bash­korto­stan. She graduated from Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory and the postgraduate school at the Gnesins State Music Institute (now—The Gnesins Russian Academy of Music). In 1979 defended her candidate dissertation “On the Role of Variant-Variation Method of Development in Instrumental Works by S. V. Rachmaninov,” in 2004—doctoral dissertation “Style Trends of Mo­dern Bashkir Academic Music.” Since 1972 she has been teaching at Ufa Institute of Arts, leading special courses, such as Analysis of Mu­sical Forms, Theory of Modern Composition, Metho­do­logy of Theoretical Musicology, and super­vising graduate and dissertation researches.

She is the author of the monography “Bashkir Academic Music: Traditions and Modernity,” numerous works dedicated to the creation activity of S. V. Rachmaninov, R. S. Ledenev, modern composers of Bashkortostan, etc.