Marina G. Raku

Doctor of Fine Arts. Graduated from Leningrad State Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory (St. Petersburg) as a musicologist. M. Raku is at present: Leading Research Fellow at the Music History Department of the State Institute of Arts Studies (SIAS, Moscow); executive scientific editor of New Collected Works by D. Shostakovich in 150 volumes (DSCH, Moscow); editor of the encyclopedia “Tchaikovsky”; editor of the online magazine “Iskusstvo muzyky. Teoriya i istoriya”; manager of the Music Department of “Pyotr Fomenko Workshop Theatre”. M. Raku is the author of monographs “Wagner. Putewoditel” [Wagner. Guide] (Moscow, 2007), “Muzikal’naya klassika v mifotvorchestve sovetskoj epochy” [“The Classical Music in the Mythology of the Soviet Age”] (Moscow, 2014; award “Book of the Year” of the magazine “Muzykal’noye obozrenye” [“The Musical Revue”]) and about 200 scientific articles published in journals, proceedings, encyclopedias in Russia, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland.