Tatyana S. Kyuregyan

Doctor of Fine Arts, Professor of the Music Theory Department of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Currently, she conducts a special course “Musical form,” participates in collective courses “Musical theoretical systems,” “Theory of modern composition,” and super­vises diploma and dissertation research. Her research interests include the evolution of musical form. Author of scientific and methodological works: “Form in Music of the 17–20th centuries” (1998, 2003), “Gregorian Chant” (1997, 2008, with Yu. Kholopov and Yu. Moskva), “Songs of Medieval Europe” (2007, with Yu. Stolyarova), “Renaissance songs” (2007, with E. Bedush), “Medieval and Renaissance Dances: Music in Motion” (2018, with O. Zubova), “Harmony for Beginners” (2011, 2018). Participant of collective projects: “Theory of Modern Composition” (2005), “Musical Theoretical Systems” (2008, with Yu. Kholopov, V. Tsenova, and others). Engaged in the publi­cation of archival materials of Yu. Kholopov.


Issue № 2 (770) │ 2020