Valentina N. Kholopova

Doctor of Art Criticism, Professor, Department of Interdisciplinary Specializations of Musico­lo­gists, Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Born in 1935 in Ryazan. In 1954 graduated from Ryazan Music College, in 1959—from the Department of Music Theory and Composition of Moscow Conservatory. In 1962 she completed her postgraduate studies. Since 1960 to the present she teaches at Moscow Conservatory (since 1980—Full Professor). Since 1991 she has been the Head of the Department of Interdisciplinary Specializations for Musicolo­gists. She also taught at Central Peking Conser­vatory, Shanghai Conservatory and at Lomo­no­sov Moscow State University. Ph. D. thesis: “Problems of Rhythm in the Works by the 20th Cen­tury Composers” (1968). Doctor of Fine Arts; thesis: “Musical Rhythm in Russian Mu­sic” (1985). She has a title of Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. She published 25 books and over 500 articles.