Evgenia I. Chigareva

Doctor of Art Criticism, Professor of the Music Theory Department at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Author of about two hundred scientific works. The sphere of her interests lies in the musical legacy of Mozart and his contemporaries, music of the 20th century composers (B. Bartók, A. Schnittke, A. Lokshin, N. Korndorf and others), as well as the problems of semantics of the musical language and the interaction of music and text.

The author of a number of books, including: “Alfred Schnittke: An Outline of His Life and Music” (together with V. Kholopova; Moscow, 1990), “Mozart’s Operas Within the Context of the Culture of His Time: The Creative Individuality. Semantics” (Moscow, 2000, 2009), “The Artistic World of Alfred Schnittke” (St. Pe­ters­burg, 2012); compiler of collections of aca­de­mic articles: “Bela Bartok” (Moscow, 1977), “Ar­nold Sсhönberg: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” (together with E. Dolenko, M., 2002), “The Life of Music. To the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of V. P. Bobrovsky” (together with E. Skurko; M., 2009), “Bela Bartok Today” (M., 2012), “Alfred Schnittke: At the Intersection of the Past and the Future” (Moscow, 2017); publisher of archival materials V. P. Bobrovsky, A. V. Mikhailov.