Nastasia A. Khrustcheva

Composer, pianist, and musicologist. Associate Professor of Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Conservatory (the Foreign Music History Depart­ment). Member of the Composers Union (since 2010), Candidate of Art Criticism (2014). Laureate of the Youth Prize of the Government of St. Peters­burg (2012). Winner of the composers’ competition “Pythian Games” (“Interesting Cinema” project, 2014). Winner of the St. Petersburg Theater Award “Breakthrough” (2015), special award of the Competition for Creation of the Ballet to the 100th Anniversary of ZIL Cultural Center (Moscow, 2016). The author of music for 25 theatrical productions by Valery Fokin, Andrey Moguchy, Viktor Ryzhakov, Semen Alexandrovsky, and others. The area of scientific interest: the music of the “new dilettantism,” music in the era of the fourth industrial revolution, metamodern.