Vladislav E. Devutskiy

Doctor of Art Criticism, Professor, member of the Union of Russian Composers, Honored Worker of the Higher School of Russia. Born in Voro­nezh in 1948, in the family of an engineer. Gra­duated from Voronezh Music College (class of composition―B. D. Vyrostkov), The Gne­sins State Musical-pedagogical Institute (class of compo­­si­tion―A. I. Khachaturian, theore­tical classes―K. K. Rosen­shild, B. V. Levik, G. I. Litinsky, R. N. Ber­be­rov, O. B. Stepanov). Doctoral Dis­ser­tation: “Theory of musical phrasing.” Devutskiy develops and implements the theoretical sub­stan­tiation of the processes of musical drama­turgy in training courses.