Vera V. Geslin

Musicologist, Doctoral student of the scientific laboratory Passages Arts & Litteratures (XX–XXI), The Universite Lumiere Lyon 2. She was born in Moscow. She graduated from the magistracy in the field of linguistics, passed scientific practice at the Gorky Institute of World Literature and the Institute of Natural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 2012, she entered the Musicology Department of the Universite Lu­miere Lyon 2, as well as Besançon Conservatory and the National School of Music, Dance and Dramatic Arts in Villeurbanne, specializing in saxophone. She was a presenter at Radio Campus. Since 2016, she has been working closely with the National Center for Electroacoustics Grame.

She is the president of the artistic innovation association LiSiLoG, founded by C. Lebreton and J. Geoffroy. Currently she teaches at the Faculty of Musicology of the University of Lyon. Research interests—body, movement and musical composition, new methods of analysis and transmission of multimodal pieces, transformation of the composer’s figure, the influence of modern technologies on the process of writing a musical work.