Kirill A. Umanskiy

Composer, organist, teacher. Associate Professor at Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Member of the Union of Russian Composers, Association of Contemporary Music (ACM-2), member of the Board of the Union of Moscow Composers, Secretary of the Union of Russian Composers. Laureate of the BBC International Radio Competition “2000” (3rdPrize, 1997), In­ter­national Competition in Saarlouis (3rd Prize, 2002), “YouTube Composers Competition” (3rd Prize, 2010), Shostakovich Prize (2010), special prize “Golden Mask” for creating a chamber edition and orchestration of Sidelnikov’s opera “Running” (2011), 6th Prokofiev International Competition (2nd Prize, 2012). Born in 1962 in Moscow. In 1981, he graduated from the Music College at Moscow Conservatory, in 1986—from the Department of Music Theory and Composition, Moscow Conservatory. He studied under N. N. Sidelnikov (composition), K. K. Batashov (polyphony, analy­sis), N. S. Korndorf (instrumentation, reading scores), as well as L. I. Roizman and S. I. Bodiul (organ). In 1991, he graduated from an assistant internship in the composition class (supervisor—N. N. Sidelnikov). In 1989–1998 he taught at the Music College at Moscow Conservatory. In 1988–1989, he worked in the Children’s Edition of the Radio. Since 1995, he has been teaching at Moscow Conservatory at the Instrumentation Department. Since 1991, Umansky has been acting as an organist, mainly as a performer of contemporary works. Works are performed at the “Moscow Autumn,” “Moscow Forum,” “Alternative,” “Music of Friends,” “Russian Academy” and other contemporary music festivals.


Issue № 2 (770) │ 2020