Andrey G. Tikhomirov

Composer and music essayist. Born in 1958 in St. Petersburg (at the time — Leningrad) in a family that was far from artistic. In 1974 he has entered Rimsky-Korsakov Musical College that he graduated ahead of schedule as a pianist and composer. In 1982 he graduated from Leningrad Conservatory. The main works: operas “The Last Days” and “Dracula,” three symphonies, several concerts for piano and symphony orchestra, the album of orchestral miniatures “The Image of Dance,” vocal compositions, pieces for solo piano and chamber music. In his articles, Andrey Tikhomirov offers an original look at the composer’s works of the past and our time. He also defends his own concept of the musical language modernity.


Issue № 3 (767) │ 2019