Aleksandr V. Tavrizyan

Candidate of Art Criticism, Bachelor in Theology. Graduated from the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music in 2013 as a musical soundengineer, from St. Philaret’s Institute in 2019 as a bachelor of theology with a bachelor’s thesis “‘Real symbo­lism’ as the foundational principle of Christian spiritual culture in works by fr. Alexander Schme­mann.” Candidate Dissertation: “Poetics of Tho­mas Newman’s Soundtracks” (2019, the Gnesins Academy).

Composer of soundtracks for docu­mentaries “Book of the Sea” (2018), “The Man Who Could Listen” (2020), “On the Path of Fire” (2021), “Easter—a Victorious Day” (2020–2021). Prominent scientific interests: carnivalesque, post­mo­dernism, magic realism, symbolism in theo­lo­gy, poetics of contemporary culture, Rus­sian culture in 19th and early 20th centuries.