Yaroslav S. Sudzilovskiy

Composer, cellist, conductor, teacher. Born in Moscow to the family of a cellist, People’s Artist of Russia Sergey Sudzilovskiy. He graduated from Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory and then finished a postgraduate course in two specialties: cello (class of N. N. Shakhovskaya, 2001) and composition (class of K. S. Khachaturian, 2006). Founder and chairman of the Youth branch of the Union of Russian Composers. President of the International Association of Young Composers and Musicologists “Mezhdu­narodMolOt” (MolOt In­ter­national Corporation) of the Guild of Com­posers of the Russian Musical Union. Member of the Council of the Union of Russian Com­posers, the Council of the Russian Musical Union, the Union of Russian Composers, the Union of Moscow Composers, the Association of Contemporary Music (ACM-2), the Belaru­sian Association of Contemporary Music. Laureate of international competitions: Shostakovich com­pe­­tition (2006), Biennale in Vienna (2004), in Warsaw (2003). Founder and artistic director of the International “MolOt Festival” (since 2012). He is the author of teaching and methodological manuals on instrumentation for a symphony orchestra (2010), modern composition (2011), alternative use of instruments on the example of arco on plucked strings (2015). The author of the program for creating infrastructure and reviving the youth composers’ movement in Russia and the CIS countries (2009).


Issue № 2 (770) │ 2020