Natal’ya S. Serova

Candidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor of the Music History Department at Sobinov Saratov State Conservatory. Born in Khvalynsk, Saratov region. Graduate of the Theoretical Department of the Saratov Music College. In 1999, she graduated from Saratov Conservatory with a degree in musicology in the class of Professor T. F. Malysheva. In 2009, she defended her Candidate dissertation “The Embodiment of the World-Order Idea in Works of R. Wagner and A. N. Skryabin”, supervisor—T. F. Malysheva. Research interests: foreign and native musical culture of the 19th–20th centuries, philosophical concepts of musical art. The participant of all-Russian and international conferences on the problems of the humanities, art history, art education. She has a number of scientific publications.