Danil V. Ryabchikov

Russian musician specialising in medieval music performance (main instruments: citole, gittern) He is the artistic director of early music ensembles “Labyrinthus” (Russia–Switzerland), “Universalia in Re,” and “Medievallica,” and the artistic director of “Musica Mensurata,” international medieval music festival in Moscow. He is also the author of the book “The Musical History of Medieval Europe” (2019), articles, lectures and podcasts on medieval music, the creator and the author of “Musica Mensurata” community on vk.com and the eponymous Telegram channel. Danil Ryabchikov studied on workshops of B. Bagby, D. Vellard, M. Lewon, A. Broegg, P. Hamon, A. Azema and others, participated in common projects with N. Rodenkirchen (“Sequentia”, “Dialogos”), M. Lewon (“Ensemble Leones”, Prof. at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis), S. Lutzenberger (“Per-sonat”, “Mala Punica”, “Huelgas Ensemble”), B. Romain (“La Miroir de Musique,” “Ensemble Leones,” Prof. at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis), H. Marti (“Sequentia”), Marc Mauillion and others. Ensembles under the direction of Danil Ryabchikov had issued 7 CDs with 12th–14th centuries music on different labels (“Raumkang,” “Sketis music,” etc.). Two new CDs of the ensemble “Labyrinthus”— “Carmina Anglica” and “Carmina Tripudiorum” (both dedicated to 12th–14th centuries music in Latin)—will be issued in 2019–2020.