Inna M. Romashchuk

Doctor of Art Criticism, Professor, Vice-Rector for Research at Ippolitov-Ivanov State Musical Pedagogical Institute. In 1975, she graduated from The Gnesins Musical-Pedagogical Institute, in 1982—finished the postgraduate course at the State Institute for Art Studies. In 2001, she defended her Doctoral Dissertation “Gabriel Po­pov: Creativity and Fate.” The author of books about Yu. Slonov, A. Spadavecchia, G. Popov. Editor-compiler of collections “From the Heri­tage of Russian Composers of the 20th Century,” “Gedevanov Readings,” “Music in the System of Intercultural Communications,” etc. The author of numerous articles about composers of the 20th century: D. Shostakovich, A. Schnittke, R. Le­denev, A. Chugaev, S. Slonimsky, A. Kara­ma­nov, A. Flyarkovsky, A. Kholminov, S. Berin­sky, A. Balashov, E. Kozhevnikova, D. Saydami­nova. Since 1982, she has been teaching at the Musicology and Composition Department of Ippo­litov-Iva­nov State Musical Pedagogical Insti­tute. Member of the Board, Admission Commit­tee, and Musico­logy and Criticism Commission of the Union of Moscow Composers. Member of the Russian Music Society, member of the Guild of Experts. She was awarded two orders, a gold medal of the Union of Moscow Composers, certificates and diplomas.


Issue № 2 (770) │ 2020