Helen V. Petrovsky

Cand. Sci. (Philosophy), Leading Researcher and Head of the Aesthetics Department at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Her major fields of interest are contemporary philosophy, visual studies, North American literature and culture. Among other books, she is author of “The Unapparent. Essays on the Philosophy of Photography” (2002), “Anti-Photography” (2003, 2015—2nd ed.), “Beyond Imagination. Contemporary Philosophy and Con­temporary Art” (2009; co-authored with Oleg Aronson), “Theory of the Image” (2010), “Ano­ny­mous Communities” (2012, Spanish transla­tion—2020), “What Remains of Art” (2015; co-authored with Oleg Aronson), and “Dis­tur­­bance of the Sign: Culture Against Trans­cen­den­ce” (2019). She is compiler, editor and co-translator of Jean-Luc Nancy’s “Corpus” (1999) and Gertrude Stein’s selected writings (“The Auto­biography of Alice B. Toklas. Picasso. Lec­tures in America”, 2001). Since 2002 she has been Edi­tor-in-Chief of the theoretical and philosophical journal “Si­niy divan.” She is laureate of the 2011 Andrei Bely Prize (theory category) and the Innovation Prize (“Art Theory and Criticism,” 2012).


Issue № 4 (776) │ 2021