Oleg V. Paiberdin

Composer, Member of the Union of Russian Com­posers. Originator, artistic director and conductor of Gallery of Actual Music Ensemble. Laureate of 3rd Prokofiev International Com­po­sers Competition (1999), 2nd International Con­temporary Music Competition “Composer of XXI Century” (2014). Grants of Academy Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart, 1999–2000), Kuenstlerhaus Closter Zismar (Kiel, 2000) and Kuenstlerhaus Lukas (Ahrenshoop, 2003) in Germany, Visby International Centre for Composers (Sweden, 2011). Born on 1971 in Altai (Russia). Graduated (1996) and postgraduated (1999) from Mussorgsky Ural State Conservatory on composition under Professor A. Nimensky. Collaborates with the publishings Donemus (Netherlands), reMusik.org (Russia), New Consonant Music (Belgium). One of founders and co-directors of Autograph New Music Workshop in Yekaterinburg (1998–2005). Taught at the Composition Department of Mussorgsky Conservatory (2002–2004). Since 2005 lives in Moscow and works at the Moscow State Philharmonic Society. One of originators and curators of “Another Space” Actual Music Festival (2009, 2010, 2012), concert series at Moscow Philharmonic Society (2009–2021), Gallery of Actual Music International Multimedia Festival (2011, 2019).


Issue № 4 (772) │ 2020