Mikhail R. Morozov

Born in 1996 in Moscow. Master of Architecture (2020), graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Pianist; soloist and events curator of the musical studio of MARHI “Euterpe” (since 2014), the student of Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory Evening musical school of the Pedagogical Practice Sector (since 2018). Researcher and performer of Russian and foreign composers at the turn of the 18th—19th Centuries and 20th—21th Centuries, gave birth to a number of the 20th-Century music transcriptions. Frequent
participant in the Russian Student Classical Mu­sic Clubs Association events and the Russian National Festival “Musica Integral” (since 2015). A member of the Association of Artists of Mytishchi Municipal District (since 2016), participant of the Union of Artists of Russia exhibitions. A member of Russian Local Historians Union (since 2009).