Vyacheslav V. Medushevsky

Born in 1939. Musicologist, teacher, Ortho- dox philosopher. Honored Art Worker of Russian Federation, Member of the Composers Union of Russia. He graduated from the Department of Music Theory and Composition of Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1963) and then finished a post-graduate course there under Full Prof. S. S. Skrebkov (1966). Ph. D. (1971); thesis: «Structure of a Piece of Music in the Connection with Its Focus on a Listener». Doctor of Fine Arts (1981); thesis: «Intonational-Narrative Nature of Musical Form». Medushevsky worked in the Acoustic laboratory at Moscow Conservatory in 1960s, and he was the Head of Fundamental Research Laboratory there in 1980s. In 1988–1990 he held the rank of the Dean of the Music Theory and Composition Department at Moscow Conservatory; since 1980 he also was the Chair of All-Union Music Education Board under the Ministry of Culture of the USSR.


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