Lyudmila G. Kovnatskaya

1941 - 2023

Doctor of Arts, Honoured Arts Worker of the Russia, Professor at the Research Department of the St. Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov State Con­servatory and a Leading Research Fellow at the Russian Institute of Art History. She graduated from the main and then the post-graduate courses at the Leningrad Conservatory (under professor M. Druskin) and then presented her Cand. Sci. (Art Criticism) Dissertation and Doctoral (Art Criticism) Dissertation in 1970 and 1988 respectively. She published a monograph on Benjamin Britten (1974), a study about English music of the 20th century (1986) and numerous articles on the history of Soviet music, music science and culture. Books edited, collected, and introduced by Kovnatskaya include a collection of scholarly articles “Shostakovich: Between a Moment and Eternity” (2000), the first Russian translation of A. Schoenberg’s letters (2001), a scientific series of works “Dmitry Shostakovich: Studies and Materials” (2005–2012, with Olga Digonskaya), a seven-volume edition of the complete works of Mikhail Druskin (from 2007), a three-volume edition “Shostakovich in Leningrad Conservatory: 1919–1930” (2013). She has been a member of the Union of Russian Composers since 1978, an expert consultant of the edition of “The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians” (2001), a member of IMS Directorium (from 2002 to 2007 and from 2012 to 2017), and in 2008–2017 she chaired the Regional Association of the International Musicological Society. In 2017 she was elected a Corresponding Member of the American Musicological Society (AMS).