Alexander M. Khubeev

Composer. Graduated from the Composition Department of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory in 2011 and completed his postgraduate studies in 2014 majoring in composition with Yuri Kasparov and electroacoustic music with Igor Kefalidi. Currently, he is deputy artistic director of the Academy of Young Composers in the city of Tchaikovsky. He has been a co-founder and curator of the composition courses since 2019. Alexander is a fellow of the international courses in Darmstadt, Germany (2014) and the Berlin Academy of Arts (2018), winner of the prestigious Gaudeamus Prize (the Netherlands, 2015), resident of the International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music CIME (2019) and prize-winner of international competitions in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany, Argentina, and the USA. Member of the Union of Russian Composers. He was a composer in residence of GAMEnsemble in 2011. His scores have been published by Donemus (the Netherlands) since 2017.


Issue № 4 (772) │ 2020