Andrey F. Khitruk

Born in 1944. Graduated from Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory under Full Profs. L. N. Naumov and V. V. Gornostaeva. Since 1968 teaches piano at State Gnessins Music College. Ph. D. The author of the book «Conversations with Musicians About the Piano Art. Selected Articles and Reviews”; co-author (together with I. Temchenko) of books «Conversations on J. S. Bach» and «Sketches on the History of Piano Perfomance». Translator (together with V. Bronguleev) of books: Schnabel A. «You Will Never Be a Pianist!”; Gould G. Selected Writings — and over 100 articles and reviews in several newspapers and magazines. Andrey Khitruk contributes to the «Musical Academy» since 1985.