Mikhail I. Imkhanitskii

Doctor of Art Criticism, Honored Art Worker of Russia, Professor at the Button Accordion Department at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music, teacher, methodologist, accordion player, musicologist, composer. Born in Khar­kov. Graduated from the Folk Instruments Depart­ment (1969) and the History, Theoretical and Composer Department (1970) of the Kharkov Insti­tute of Arts (diplomas with honors), in 1965–1971 he studied in the composition class of D. L. Kle­ba­nov. In 1976 he graduated from the postgraduate study at the Gnesins State Peda­gogical Institute (scientific supervisor O. M. Agar­kov). In 1971–1973 he taught courses in reading and analyzing scores, instrumental studies, instrumentation at the Kharkov Institute of Arts. In 1977 he defended his Cand. Sci. (Art Criticism) Dissertation “Music for the orchestra of Russian folk instruments at the present stage”, in 1989 Doctoral (Art Criticism) Dissertation “Formation and development of Rus­sian folk instrumental culture of the written tra­dition.” Since 1973 he has been teaching at the Folk Instruments Department of the Gnesins Institute (now the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music). Author of a number of musical compositions: symphony, string quartet, sonata for button accordion, miniatures for violin and piano, vocal compositions. Author of about 400 scientific papers, articles in periodicals, educational programs, methodological developments, monographs.