Anna V. Bulychyova

Сandidate of Art Criticism, Associate Professor at the Foreign Music History Department, Tchai­kovsky Moscow State Conservatory. Graduated from Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg State Con­ser­vatory. Principal works: “Armida’s Gar­dens. French Baroque Musical Theatre” (2004), “Borodin” (of biographical series “Life of Out­standing People,” 2017), “French Music in the First Half of the 18th century” (2018), “Alexander Por­firievich Borodin. Correspondence. Vol. I. 1857–1871” (2020). Musical editions: “Prince Igor,” opera by Borodin (piano score, urtext, 2012), Boro­din’s Second Symphony (full score, urtext, 2015).