Tatiana B. Baranova-Monighetti

Candidate of Art Criticism, scientific advisor for the Art & Music Foundation, Switzerland. Bara­nova-­Monighetti graduated with distinction from Moscow Conservatory in musicology, piano and organ performance and subsequently studied there as a doctoral student in musicology. In 1974–1990 she worked as a professor at the Music Theory Department at the same institution (harmony, analysis, counterpoint, doctoral studies guidance). In the 1980s Baranova-Monighetti developed the first course in Russia of studies on the history of notation for musicologists and an integrated course of music theory for performers. She gave guest lectures in Poland, France and the US and published over sixty articles in scholarly editions. Together with her husband, cellist Ivan Monighetti, she organized the first International Early Music Festival in Russia. In 1990 Baranova-Monighetti moved with her family to Switzerland. She subsequently worked at the Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia in Madrid and at the Musical Aсademy in Basel. In recent years she has been living in Basel and has undertaken research at the Stravinsky archive in the Paul Sacher Foundation.